Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Rice Cooker Review

Overall Rating

  • Prep and Cleanup 98%
  • Design 93%
  • Safety 95%
  • Warranty and Support 96%


– Easy to clean
– Non-stick inner pot
– Small size
– Useful options


– Long time cooking
– Capacity only 6 ounces

For any modern family, this rice cooker is the perfect aid in a kitchen because of its smaller design and capacity. The appliance cooks rice perfectly and with it, you won’t need to do it by yourself anymore and to worry if it will be overcooked or burnt. Even for someone that is an expert in cooking rice, this can happen. But with this product, the chances are way smaller than we think. Preparing rice is the time-consuming process, but with this cooker that does this job for you, it can be time-to save if you have to prepare other dishes as well. If your household eats rice more often, this useful appliance can help you out.

The specifications

Dimensions: 10.3 x 7 x 6.1 inches

Weight: 1.6 pounds

Rice measure: 3 cups of cooked rice

Additional features and accessories

Rice Capacity

As the specifications say, it can cook 3 cups of rice which is more than enough for one adult to consume. This product is for a family that doesn’t consume that much rice, so for a two or three people it will be enough just by the measurements of the cups. What is important to know is that you shouldn’t put more than the package says, that is, more than this cooker can take. Because if you do that, the cooker will produce rice that is either gummy or overall not pleasurable enough to eat. In the manual, you will also see this advice, and be sure to follow the instructions before doing anything. Rice that comes out if it is correctly measured will be just right and evenly cooked. It is important to always prepare rice this way. The rice cooker works just like the other rice cookers; it is somewhat smaller, and therefore there is a smaller quantity of the prepared rice.

Inner Pot

This appliance has the inner cooking pot that is spherical in shape so that the rice in it is to be evenly heated and this makes up for one ideal feature. There is no need to explain why this is important because we all know rice has to be evenly cooked and the spherical shape will help with that. Also, the pot in it is non-stick, so there will be no need in unsticking the food later on. Be careful when cleaning – as some utensils can leave marks and it can damage your product. Use the spatula that comes with the cooker because that one won’t leave scratches and it will be easier to use. When it comes to cleaning the inner pot, also be vigilant not to damage it. It can be entirely cleaned up with only a sponge. And the soft side should only be used, not the hard side because of the non-stick coating. If you damage the coating, well, you know how bad that can be for the cooking process. It will peel, and in time you will have to buy another rice cooker.

Smaller Size

Its smaller size is great because of a variety of reasons. Some people have smaller kitchens, but they need more appliances to prepare their meals quickly or all at once. Or if you have limited counter space and you need this appliance, it will fit like a glove. Overall this product was made for smaller families or couples because it doesn’t have much capacity as other brands. Other than that, the smaller size doesn’t measure up in quality this product possesses. The reason is simply that this rice cooker doesn’t cook only one type of rice – it can cook white, sushi, porridge and brown rice. However, you might have to read in a manual how to prepare each one because there are small differences and you will have to pay attention to that.

Many Useful Buttons

This rice cooker has many useful options that can be used and this is what makes it great. It possesses a keep warm button, so to say, that keeps the rice (of any kind) warm. This way you retain the freshly cooked rice nice and warm, and you don’t have to use the microwave that often. But the thing that you should consider is that you shouldn’t keep the rice in a pot for more than 12 hours for obvious reasons.

However, the keep warm function doesn’t reheat rice, so it does not replace the microwave, it just retains the heat for quite a while. Another button that this cooker possesses is the menu and reset button.

The function of this buttons is to select the option you would like to prepare your rice, and if you press something by accident, you can cancel that option by pressing the reset. And the final button that it possesses is the timer and cooking button. The timer button is for a person’s busy schedule: if they have long hours at work and they need to prepare lunch or dinner, this option gives the opportunity to start cooking at a particular time of the day, so by the time a person comes home, they will have a prepared meal.

The Lid

The lid with this brand is interesting not because of its shape but because of its functionality. It is opened by pressing the hook button, and it can be removed. This feature is fantastic because often when the lid cannot be removed it may become a heavier job to clean the lid in and out. Be sure not to open the lid by accident when you are preparing rice or the consequences can be quite dangerous because of the burns. Also when carrying the rice cooker, beware of the handle because otherwise your inner cooking bowl might fall out and break and make a mess. Not to mention that it can hurt someone as well.

The pros and cons


  • This appliance can be used for smaller families or couples.
  • Capacity up to 3 cooked cups.
  • Comes with a manual and spatula that is used for scooping rice.
  • Spherical inner pot and it is non-stick.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Small size fits the smaller kitchen with no space.
  • Lid opens with a hook.
  • Useful options that a person can choose.


  • It has to be cleaned manually.
  • It is somewhat pricier than the other brands.
  • Brown rice takes longer to cook.
  • The cup is based on 6 ounces (180 mils).

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