Oster Large Capacity Countertop Toaster Oven Review

Overall Rating

  • Performance 90%
  • Design 89%
  • Safety 82%
  • Conveniences 84%


– Toasts evenly and consistently
– Six toast settings
– It can bake a cake as well as a full-size oven
– Built-in interior light
– Automatic shut off


– It gets hot when in use
– It’s quite big and can take up a lot of space
– Poorly written manual

If you need a convection toaster oven, this could be the right thing for you. This toaster oven offers some impressive abilities. If you’re a fan of roasting and baking, this might be the solution for you. With its modern stainless steel design, it suits any kitchen; you can’t go wrong with it. The best thing about this unit is that it’s quite large and it offers a fan convection option. The affordability is also an upside of this unit; you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg for it. Overall, if you need a large toaster oven with some great features, this is the thing to consider. We paid attention to some technical details as well as the quality of practical use. We want to help you decide which toaster oven is the most suitable for you by providing detailed insight into some features as well as technical details.

The specifications

Dimensions – 22.5 inch x 18.1 inch x 14.6 inch

Slice capacity – 6 slices

Temperature – up to 450 degrees

Removable baking rack

Interior light

Additional features and accessories

This Oster toaster oven gets praised for its cooking abilities and capabilities. It has seven different cooking functions:

  • Toast,
  • Bake,
  • Convection Bake,
  • Broil,
  • Warm,
  • Defrost
  • and Pizza.

However, people often buy these ovens because of their baking abilities. By that token, this is the best oven with a convection fan in this price range, if you’re looking for good cooking performances. That said, the toasting ability didn’t get any positive feedback, but it’s rated as average.

People we’re satisfied with the baking ability of this oven. Many users have reported that this Oster toaster doesn’t need much time to warm up and ready to bake. It cooks fast, and it bakes evenly because of the convection fan. Also, this is one of the more precise ovens on the market, and it holds within 10 degrees of the temperature that it’s set for.

The defrosting function works very well, and it doesn’t dry out the food. Some people like to defrost their food in microwave ovens, but that method tends to dry out the food and jeopardize the taste. One more feature that’s better than the microwave is warming up the food. Many satisfied customers reported that the warm-up feature works excellent. It doesn’t leave the food soggy. Also, you can fit a 12-inch pizza in this unit and warm it up; it will come out as new.

As we said, toasting didn’t get the highest grades. Although you can fit six slices of toast, you need to keep an eye on it and check often. Some people have reported that this oven tends to burn the toast if you don’t pay attention. However, for the best results, use the middle rack and the heat will be dispersed in an even manner making a perfect toast.

The performance

At this price range, this is one of the less expensive ovens with a digital control panel, and it performs great. The controls are similar to microwave controls, and they’re relatively straightforward. If you ever used a microwave with a digital panel, it’s the same. You have the option to turn the built-in light on or off manually, and it will turn on automatically when you push the start button. The timer is entirely accurate, and it will shut down when the time’s up. It also has an audible alarm to let you know the food is ready.

The safety

All the security measures apply to this unit as well as with every other kitchen appliance. Because the casing tends to become hot after a while, use cooking gloves to prevent burns and injuries. Also, if you have children, don’t let them use this unit without your supervision. After cleaning the oven, avoid using it for at least an hour.

The pros and cons

This unit, like many others, has its upsides and flaws. We will mention only essential elements that one can find worth mentioning.


The biggest upside of this oven is its size. It can also, at the same time, be a downside for some people. That’s why it’s important to check the dimensions of your available space to avoid potential unpleasant surprises. You don’t want to end up with an oven that’s bigger than your free space. Instead of comparing it to a picture online, do the math instead.

This oven thrives in even cooking, to be more precise –toasting. It toasts evenly and with consistency. The most important element of a good toast is evenly toasting it. This oven does it exceptionally. It also comes with six toast settings, so you’re able to try out different kinds of toasting levels. It can bake a cake almost as well as a full-size oven, but for a much more affordable price. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, you’ll find this Oster toaster quite useful.

Although interior light isn’t a necessity, it comes in handy. You can use the light to determine whether your food is finished or not. This product comes with an inbuilt light, and it offers significant benefits. This device shuts off when it’s not in use, and it is dishwasher safe. Last but not least, the convection cooking capability is crucial.


That said, there are also downsides of this unit. First of all, it takes about an hour to broil chicken breasts. That’s a lot of time for an oven from this category and price range. The casing tends to get hot, so use with caution! Don’t touch the surface of the oven if it was recently used, or wear cooking gloves. Its size can sometimes be a burden. If your kitchen space is limited, make sure to take measures before purchasing the oven to avoid unpleasant surprises and end up with an oven that doesn’t fit. The manual doesn’t come with any recipes or baking charts. Most manufacturers tend to put some recipes and cooking hints in their manuals.

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