Oster CKSTWF2000 Waffle Maker Review

Overall Rating

  • Prep and Cleanup 98%
  • Design 95%
  • Utility 94%
  • Warranty and Support 96%


– Excellent at baking consistency
– Five recipes included as well as a detailed manual
– Various doneness settings
– Light indicator notifications
– Removable drip dray


– Notification lights can be hard to see
– It tends to heat up during use
– Takes up a lot of space on the kitchen counter

Oster Belgian maker is perfect for baking top-quality thick waffles. It comes with a modern design and many useful features. Oster is well-known for making good quality products, and they did it again with this model. It thrives in waffle baking, and it offers a lot of commodities like rotating the baking chamber and more. It doesn’t matter if you’re a waffle making expert or an amateur, this unit will bake the best possible waffles you can imagine. It spreads the heat evenly throughout the non-stick surface thus baking waffles in the same manner. It’s crucial for quality waffle maker to have the ability to evenly disperse the heat or else the taste and crispness of your waffles may be jeopardized. We have paid attention to some technical details as well as practical use in this review. Before you decide to buy a waffle maker for yourself, make sure you conduct a thorough research and find out which one suits your needs the most.

The specifications

Power – 1000W

Dimensions – 8 inches x 14.5 inches x 6.5 inches

Baking surface area – 64 square inches

Weight – 6 pounds

Voltage 110-120V

Non-stick surface, LED indicators

Additional features and accessories

Oster Belgian Waffle Maker has a few features worth mentioning. These features may come in handy when you’re making a decision whether or not to purchase this product.

  • First of all, the non-stick surface is a must-have nowadays. The only alternative is the iron surface, and it’s hard to clean the iron surface. The non-stick surface offers many benefits. It is incredibly easy to clean the non-stick surface after use, all you have to do is swipe it a few times with a dry dishcloth, and that’s it. Also, it’s easy to take the baked waffles out because nothing sticks to the surface. Be careful with the cleaning, though; avoid using aggressive sponges and rags because you risk damaging the fine coating on the metal surface.
  • This waffle maker also comes with a LED indicator. It will notify you when the iron is preheated, or the waffles are done. It’s quite useful because you’re always going to pour the waffle mixture on a preheated surface with a perfect and a consistent temperature. Constant temperature is the reason why your waffles always end up looking and tasting same when you bake them with Oster’s CKSTWF2000 Belgian waffle maker.
  • Bear in mind; this unit makes Belgian waffles. Belgian waffles tend to be much thicker than the standard American kind, and they require makers with more power. That’s why this particular unit has over 1000W of power output which ensures even and consistent baking by providing enough power for the heating units.
  • You also have the ability to flip the plates and bake the top and the bottom side of the waffle evenly. The knob on the top of the unit allows you to fine-tune the temperature to your personal preference. If you like waffles with a crispy crust, feel free to turn on the heat. For juicier and softer waffles, slide the knob to the lowest value. It also comes with a removable drip pan to minimize the mess.

The performance

The 1000W of output is more than enough power you need to bake tasty waffles. This amount of power guarantees consistent heat and perfect baking. The unique design with the rotary waffle plates allows you to bake the waffles evenly and the non-stick surface ensures that your waffles come out shaped perfectly.

Consistency is a crucial factor for a good waffle maker. You don’t want a waffle that’s raw inside and over-baked outside. Also, it does not matter if you’re experienced or not, this unit performs well in anybody’s hands. It’s quite straightforward; there are no redundant menus, screens, or settings. All you have to do is pour the mixture, close the lid, wait a few moments, and your tasty meal is ready, simple as that.

The safety

It’s always important to think about safety when dealing with kitchen appliances and electric units in general. If you take the necessary precautionary measures, you’ll avoid severe injuries and unpleasant surprises.

First of all, keep your kids away from this unit or don’t let them use it without your supervision. Kids love making breakfast, but it’s not always safe. Waffle makers tend to get hot while in use, a single moment of negligence can lead to some serious burns. Because these things often get hot, using kitchen gloves is advised. Instead of constantly taking care of what you touch, wear kitchen gloves, and you don’t have to worry about getting burned.

Keep this waffle maker away from water sources. Water and electricity are a lethal combination. A single drop of water can cause a short circuit or a fire. Last but not least, leave some space between your waffle maker and other kitchen appliances and objects. This waffle maker can cause an accidental fire due to excess heat it produces.

The pros and cons

This product, like many others, has some virtues as well as downsides. We excluded only the most important ones. Take a good look at these elements because they may determine whether or not you want to buy this unit.


The first upside of this unit is its ability to bake waffles evenly and consistently. Because we talked about this earlier, we won’t get any deeper into the matter. The manual comes with five waffle recipes, which is a neat token of attention from Oster. It comes with a removable drip-dry tray to minimize the mess. The non-stick surface is an obvious upside as well as the baking chamber rotating feature. Oster has a great customer support which is a considerable pro because many modern companies lack good customer support.


That said, let’s revise some flaws. People have reported that the signal lights are hard to see in bright environments. Top and sides become too hot to touch during baking, so make sure you’re wearing kitchen gloves. It takes up a lot of space; you’ll lose a lot of room on the kitchen counter if you buy this waffle maker.

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