Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Review

Overall Rating

  • Performance 90%
  • Design 95%
  • Conveniences and Safety 90%
  • Warranty and Support 89%


– Brews full 12-cup glass carafe and travel mug
– It is fully programmable
– Coffee strength control
– Warming palte
– It can’t turn off automatically


– Fails to hit the optimal brewing temperature
– Some parts of the coffee brewer are prone to wear and tear
– Weak hinges

When you hear Hamilton, you can rest assured that you are looking at one of the most respected and quality brands that are out there. The same thing can be said for their coffee maker that is one of the brands that we can openly say that has best marks when it comes to functionality and durability but also quality and taste. Every brand of coffee makers differs in some specifications, but ultimately they all have the same purpose: to brew the best coffee! Whether the drinker prefers decaf or regular, one has to have a coffee maker of the best quality. Its durable stainless steel design will leave no bad taste after you prepare the coffee in it, and has many options that will be shown to you later on. The elegant union of both aesthetics and quality makes this Hamilton Beach one of the best coffee makers out there.

The specifications

Dimensions:  13.7 x 11.4 x 15.4 inches

Weight: 11.8 pounds

Cup capacity: single cup or full 12-cup glass or 14-oz travel mug

Additional features and accessories

Fully Programmable

Living in a digital age, it is no wonder that we would like to program everything that we use most often. This coffee maker can be set to brew coffee when you need it, for example, in the morning. All that has to be done is only setting the timer when you go to sleep, and by the time you wake up, your coffee will be made. What could be perfect than that? Living in the fast pacing world, this feature is more than welcoming when it comes to coffee maker appliances. Even when you are rushing to get to work, your coffee will still be waiting ready for you.

Mill Strength Controls

Every coffee maker that is of high quality has to have some strength control when it comes to brewing coffee. Not all people like strong coffee and there should be more than enough options for both kinds of individuals. This is what Hamilton Brewer has as one of its features. The rate at which the hot water flows through the coffee grinds can be modified. What this means is that when you set it at different strengths, you can taste different types of coffee, that is, the type that you prefer. Slower flow will extract the coffee thoroughly, and you will be left with a bitterer cup of coffee. It all depends on what coffee you use. But in a nutshell, this is a very useful feature that completes the Hamilton in the best way

Warming Plate

No one likes cold coffee, and this can often happen if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to take that sip of coffee that you enjoy the most. The coffee simply gets cold and then the taste just isn’t right. For that, Hamilton has a solution – that is a warming plate. This warming plate ensures that your coffee stays hot for hours when you leave it. This way your coffee won’t get cold that quickly, and you can enjoy coffee even if you drink the same cup for hours at a time. However, what has to be known is the fact that coffee, if left out for more than a few hours can get stale. But it is highly unlikely that the Hamilton coffee brewer would let that happen.

Double Brewer Design

The option of having two in one is always the better one than to have just one thing. There are two ways you can brew your coffee; that is a single cup or 14-oz mug. This is the appliance that does everything for you. The best support in the morning also has only serve side that comes with the mash filter.

Shut Off Timer

When you set the timer, it has to calculate when to start brewing the coffee for you. But it also has to have some shut off timer as well. It has, and it shuts off after 2h if not in use. This way the appliance becomes more durable, and it is harder to break down, since keeping anything that is programmable on for some extended periods of time can have a negative impact on the performance of that appliance.

Aesthetic Look

It has stainless steel bands and has a plastic construction, having that look of elegance that never fails to satisfy any customer’s needs. Aside from that, it will look simply stunning on the counter, and it will be a striking addition to one kitchen. What Hamilton brands does to its appliances is that they take care of the geometrical design choice, meaning that they used geometry to separate the individual elements. With its two independent brewers, without a doubt, it will serve its high purpose in brewing the finest coffee there is.

The pros and cons


There are two ways to brew coffee: one, with the single cup and the other is with a full 12-cup glass carafe and travel mug. It makes the coffee that has a great taste.

It is fully programmable, meaning that you can set the timer for when you want your coffee to be ready for you. Mill strength can be adjusted as well, from strong, to mild to bitter. Hot plate keeps the coffee warm for hours without going stale. It has double brewing design.

It automatically shuts down after 2h to preserve the coffee maker.

With its look and design, it will look beautiful on any kitchen counter.


Sometimes it fails to hit the optimal brewing temperature which is between 195F and 205F. However this appliance often struggles to make it past 170F.

Some parts of the coffee brewer are prone to wear and tear (like the filter drawer and the reservoir lid) because of the plastic part from which was made out of.

It has weak hinges.

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