Cuisinart TOB-135 Toaster Oven Review

Overall Rating

  • Performance 89%
  • Design 92%
  • Safety 90%
  • Conveniences 87%


– Toasts evenly and consistently
– Excellent at baking cake
– Non-stick interior
– Easy to use
– It has a crumb tray


– Poor at broiling
– Only one rack

Cuisinart has a few models on the market, and every one of those models is at a different price range. Digital display and the convection heating significantly add up to the cost. This particular model is coming from Cuisinart and it is one of the best toaster ovens you can find on market. If you’re looking for a good quality toaster oven, this might be the product for you. Before considering anything, check your budget and see if you’re in range. Don’t worry; although it’s a high-end product, it comes with an affordable price to many. Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or you’re planning to take it seriously, Cuisinart toaster oven broiler will come in handy. Read this review and see if the features and specifications match your demands.

The specifications

Power – 1800W

Dimensions – 18.3 inches x 15.3 inches x 9.3 inches

Non-stick interior


Stainless steel

Digital controls

Illuminated display panel

Crumb tray

Additional features and accessories

First of all, when we talk about features, we can’t skip the clock. Although it might seem like a standard part of an oven, it isn’t. Having a clock integrated into your oven is a luxury nowadays. Luckily, this oven has a timer feature. The benefits of a clock are quite obvious; we’re not getting into that.

Non-stick interior is also an auxiliary asset. Having non-stick surface is a massive advantage because it allows you to clean the unit with ease. However, it’s not dishwasher safe. The crumb tray allows you to clean up the unit with ease.

This oven comes with some basic preset functions. It has seven functions:

  • Bagel,
  • Bake,
  • Broil,
  • Defrost,
  • Keep warm,
  • Reheat,
  • Toast.

Every one of these function lets you cook easily with a push of a button. These preset functions come in handy when you’re preparing conventional food; you don’t have to set-up the parameters manually – they’re already built-in. All heating elements are used in every function except in Keep warm. Keep warm uses only the bottom elements to maintain the temperature consistent on 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

The performance

This toaster has a two-hour countdown timer and it will shut-off automatically when it reaches zero. It also has an audible alarm to notify you when the food is ready. You can stop the process at any time by pushing the Stop button. One of the great features is that you can dynamically change the temperature. Dynamically changing the temperature means that you can alter the temperature of cooking at any moment by changing the values in the menu. This comes in handy because you don’t have to interrupt the cooking process to change the temperature and reheat the whole oven.

This unit has a built-in clock which is located on a LED backlit display. The display is quite readable, and you can clearly distinguish the symbols on it, even when it’s dark. It offers easy cleaning with its modern brushed steel design.

The safety

You need to pay attention to safety when you’re using this oven. First of all, electrical cords must be in a dry and safe place. Make sure the cords don’t come in contact with water. People make a common mistake by installing an electrical appliance in the kitchen near a water source. To prevent a disaster, install your unit as far as possible from any water source in the kitchen.

Always wear cooking gloves. Although modern appliances have mechanisms to prevent injuries, it’s always safe to wear kitchen gloves, because the casing tends to heat up during use. Also, if you have children, don’t let them use this toaster oven without your supervision. Children often make toast and reheat pizza leftovers, and that’s when they’re at risk of getting an electric shock or burning their skin.

If you take all the precautionary measures, you shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever with this unit. Use it with safety measures in your mind, and you’re going to be okay.

The pros and cons

This unit, like many others, has its pros and cons. We excluded the significant ones and made a list. Consider revising this part thoroughly when buying a toaster oven.


It’s straightforward. The combination of backlit buttons and an excellent display offers exceptional ease of use. Anyone can get a hand of this stove; there are no complicated menus and unnecessary features. Anyone can press Start and Stop, and that pretty much what you have to do, Cuisinart toaster oven takes care of the rest. If you find the alarm too annoying, loud, or you have a baby in the family; you can always turn off the audible notifications. Not many ovens on the market have this kind of a commodity.

It’s quite. Many ovens with large fans tend to be a bit noisy. It’s expected, considering it’s a large fan in a metal casing. Well, this particular unit is silent. Having a relatively quiet fan is quite rare with these appliances. This unit comes with two slots for the racks. If you slightly twist the rack, you can even get four slots. If you want more racks slots, opt for a taller oven.

Always Even Shade offers consistent shading of the toast in the oven. This feature is great because it guarantees perfect shading and amazing toast.

These were the most valuable upsides we could mention. On the other hand, there are also downsides.


Buttons can be difficult to read in the dark. Because of the bright backlight, writings on the buttons become unreadable. Some people had and issues distinguishing Time and Temperature buttons. The sensors can be too sensitive. It’s easy to overshoot the temperature setting due to selector’s sensitivity.It takes a bit of time to get used to the sensitivity; even then, it’s common to overshoot.

Even though this isn’t a significant downside, there have been a lot of complaints about backlight inconsistency. The screen tends to turn on and off without any reason in the middle of the operation. Although not a deal-breaker, it can be a nuisance sometimes.

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