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You can contact us in a few ways. You can contact us by e-mail or the website contact form. Whichever method you choose is fine, the priority for both approaches is the same. In simpler words, your message will not be seen earlier if you send an e-mail over contacting us via the contact form on the website and vice-versa.

That said, if you have any questions regarding kitchen appliances, reviews, advice, and technical details – feel free to ask. We will try to answer your question as fast as possible. However, patience is mandatory. We tend to get massive amounts of e-mails and questions in general, so a slight delay between your question and our answer is quite possible. Although it can take some time, you can be sure that your question is going to be answered.

We have a team of polite and well-mannered individuals who are more than willing to help you with your issues. However, refrain yourself from asking irrelevant and unrelated questions because you’ll get ignored. Also, before asking any questions, please take a tour through our website and try to find an answer somewhere. If you still cannot find the right answer, feel free to ask. The people who work in our customer support are qualified and relevant when it comes to kitchen appliances. You can be certain that their advice is the right one, regardless of your question.

Whether you seek some answers about the technical part of a device or you simply want to find out the possibilities of it, we are the door you need to knock on. So, don’t be shy to ask a question, we are here for you, and we are at your service 24/7. Remember, there’s no such thing as stupid questions.

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