Breville is an Australian manufacturer founded in Melbourne in 1932. They produce small kitchen appliances, and they’re the original creators of the sandwich toaster. The sandwich toaster was a massive success in Australia, and they soon launched their sandwich toasters in New Zealand and Great Britain. Once again, the sandwich toaster was a major success in these countries and soon spread all over the world. It has become so popular that some countries refer to any sandwich toaster as a Breville. In 2002 the Breville brand was launched in Canada and the US. They trade in over 30 countries including China, Mexico, Israel, Brasil, and more.

The company started off by making radios and mine detectors for the WW2. After the war, they turned their attention to small kitchen appliances. Breville sold their radio division in 1951 but continued as a family business with a focus on small appliances and on seeking innovations to make everyday life easier. In the 1960s they established the Breville Research and development Center which enabled it to design and produce its very own products. This Centre developed some of the most iconic Australian kitchen appliances, such as the Breville Snack ‘n’ Sandwich maker.

With the continued growth of the electrical business globally this company had to maintain its quality of production. The market was flooded with various kitchen appliances, and the vast majority of those devices were low-quality, cheap units. With a consistent flow of top-quality products coming out of the company, they managed to stay near the top even with an over-flooded market underneath their feet. This goes to show that this company has the reputation of being among the best kitchen appliance manufacturers on the Australian market, and even in the world. Whichever product you purchase and is made by them won’t leave you with regrets.

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Cuisinart is an American home appliance brand owned by Conair Corporation. The company was started in 1971 by Carl Sontheimer with a mission to bring a food processor to the US market. This company makes a lot of different products such as brick ovens, hand mixers, waffle makers, espresso makers, kitchen tools, rice cookers, and more. The important thing to remember is that the vast diversity of the products they make does not affect the quality of production. In simpler words, it doesn’t mean they make low-quality products just because they make a lot of different ones.

Carl Sontheimer got the idea to start this company by seeing a food preparation device while traveling in France in the 1970s. The goal was to shorten the time and effort invested in pre-cooking preparation. With this idea in his mind and his brilliant expertise in engineering, Carl introduced the food processor to North America. In 1973 at the National Housewares Exposition in Chicago he unveiled his prototype, and it impressed the crowd immediately. Even in the early years, this company thrived in the quality of production and innovations. Although the sales started slowly, by 1975 Cuisinart started to become more popular because some of the culinary celebrities started using it thus providing great marketing.

Two years later, Cuisinart’s sales reached $50 million. From that point on, this company started selling more than 250 thousand units per month. Their price-to-quality ratio is exceptional. There’s something for everyone’s budget. Also, as we said, the quality of their products is top-notch. They have the reputation of being among the best on the American market at the moment. With their innovative technologies, constant modernization, and development, it doesn’t look like they’re going to settle down anytime soon. If you ever buy something made by them, you won’t regret it.

Black and Decker

Black and Decker is an American producer of hardware, accessories, and more. This company was founded in 1910 by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker as a small shop in Maryland. In 1916 Black and Decker began designing and manufacturing their electric-powered units. The German electric tools were heavy and difficult to operate, and, as a result, had not been commercially successful. Black and Decker designed a universal motor. It was the first motor used in electric tools, and it used alternating or direct current. The Black and Decker universal motor also had a trigger switch modeled after the mechanism in the Colt revolver.

In 1917 the company was awarded patents for its pistol grip and trigger switch. After that, they constructed a factory on the outskirts of Towson, Maryland and by 1918 sales surpassed one million dollars. The thing that launched them high is the innovative portable tool technology. By the end of the WW1, they presented portable electric tools like screwdrivers and grinders. Portable units were the beginning of a new era of conventional tools. The company used aggressive marketing and product services to build its client base. Aggressive marketing is also one of the important triggers for their massive success on the World’s market.

In 1946 the company introduced the world’s first power tools for the consumer market – the inexpensive Home Utility line of 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch drills and accessories. In the first five years, up until 1951, over one million power drills were made. A set of circular saws was introduced in the early 50s as well. Over the years Black and Decker faced numerous challenges like economy crashes, drop in sales, and more. They have come out victorious from every challenge and continue to own the power tools market. Besides quality power tools, they also produce exceptional kitchen appliances. Choosing them won’t turn out as a mistake.


The company was founded in 1924 by John Oster, and it was manufacturing manually powered hair clippers designed to cut men’s hair. It was established in the garage of John Oster in Wisconsin. Four years later they introduced a motor-driven hair clipper, and soon the company became the first choice of professionals in hair style industry. The motor-driven unit was a huge success, and John started to expand his empire. 18 years later John decided to diversify from barber products to small house appliances. This moment was the turning point for the company. It earned an excellent reputation for being one of the top-quality companies on the market at that moment.

As years passed by grinders, blenders, and other appliances became more powerful and began to offer multitasking features. With the technological growth of these units, the company grew as well. By the 1960s the company was acquired by Sunbeam Corporation of Chicago, became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sunbeam, and became a symbol of good quality. With the introduction of the Oster in2itive Blender, a new technology was born. The new unit featured preset cycles that could automatically determine blend time and blade direction. Preset cycles were a new technology, and it was a major success.

In the mid-2000s they launched their Inspire Collection. The collection was perfect for people who wanted to improve their cooking skills. The main elements of this collection were quality, consistency, and durability. The market exploded after the arrival of the Oster Inspire Collection. Their kitchen appliances thrive in baking, cooking, broiling, and more. A well-known celebrity chef by the name of Michelle Bernstein has been chosen to be the spokesperson for the Oster brand in 2010. Michelle got the AAA Five Diamond Award, so she’s pretty qualified for picking premium quality products.

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Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach is an American manufacturer of air purifiers, home appliances, and commercial restaurant equipment including blenders, toasters, mixers, slow cookers, clothes irons, and air purifiers. It was founded in 1910 by Frederick J. Osius in Wisconsin. The company sold products that Osius invented himself. At the time, electric motors were only used in commercial applications. Chester Beach developed a lightweight universal motor used for appliances in the home. These were the beginnings of the Hamilton Beach brand. After that, the company began to produce motor-driven units, including the iconic Drink Mixer. Shortly after they expanded and started manufacturing food mixers, fans, floor polishers, meat grinders, juice extractors, and more.

In the early 90s, NACCO Industries wanted to bring Hamilton Beach and Proctor-Silex closer and create the largest manufacturer of kitchen appliances in the US. 25 years later, this company continues to grow, and they continue to develop innovative technologies. They currently employ more than 550 people globally and sell over 30 million units yearly. In 1995 the company expanded and showed up on the market of big countries like India, China, and Brazil. They have a unique method of analyzing the local market instead of doing the global analysis.

In simpler words, the dedicated teams of developers outside the US take the demands of their local markets instead of following the US market’s requirements and needs. A rare upside of modern companies is a good customer support. This company has an excellent customer support, and they are more than willing to help at any moment. They also have profiles on social networks and are, generally, quite active. The interaction with the consumers is crucial for a well-respected company. Their websites offer downloadable guides, hundreds of amazing recipes, and detailed information about their products. They continue to impress with their innovations.

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