Black and Decker WM1404S Waffle Maker Review

Overall Rating

  • Prep and Cleanup 96%
  • Design 93%
  • Utility 97%
  • Warranty and Support 95%


– Great at baking waffles
– Light indicator notifications
– The rotating feature
– Great customer service
– It has a handle lock


– It tends to get hot while in use
– Takes up a lot of space on the kitchen counter
– Some find it hard to clean

Black and Decker is known for their good quality, and it’s not different with this waffle maker either. It is well-made, the hardware is great, and it’s quite easy to use. If you’re a fan of perfect morning waffles, this product could be the thing you’re looking for. You don’t have to be an expert to operate this unit; everything is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is pour the mixture onto the non-stick surface, close the maker, and wait for a few moments; that’s it. The best thing about this unit is that it spreads the heat evenly across the inside, so your waffles turn out identical, every time. It’s crucial for a good quality waffle maker to be consistent with temperature; those who are not are considered low-end. We tried to pay attention to some technical specifications as well as practical use in this review. If you’re planning to buy a great waffle maker – read further.

The specifications

Dimensions – 14.50 x 9.30 x 7.90 Inches

Non-stick surface

LED indicators

Rotary plates

Additional features and accessories

This waffle maker has a lot of additional and useful features. It thrives in waffle baking, and the main upside of this unit is its consistency. It’s quite straightforward, so you don’t have to be a cooking expert to bake some amazing waffles.

This waffle maker has great heating units which disperse the temperature in an even manner, and that’s why your waffles turn out the same every time you bake. It’s crucial for a good quality waffle maker to have the capability of spreading the heat evenly.

Also, the ability to rotate the plates comes as a great commodity because you can control the process of baking by flipping the plate. In simpler words, you can fine-tune the crispness of the crust on the waffles by rotating the plate.

The casing is made of brushed steel, and the plates are made of aluminum which means this unit is pretty durable and solid. Cleaning this waffle maker will be a piece of cake due to its smooth surface which doesn’t collect any waffle residue and crumbs.

This waffle maker bakes Belgian waffles. If you’re not familiar with Belgian waffles, they’re same as the American ones but with deeper pockets and they’re much softer inside. This means you can bake thick Belgian waffles at any time, and they’ll turn out identical every time.

Another great feature is the Cool-Touch handle. It remains cool during the process, so you don’t get burned. However, you should still wear kitchen gloves because the non-stick surface gets incredibly hot and can cause injuries. It also has a handle lock which locks the lid and prevents a mess.

The indicator light will notify you when it’s finished preheating. It will also notify you that the unit is still on. Avoid leaving it turned on after baking because of the safety hazards. To learn more about the safety and operating this unit, see the safety section of this article.

The performance

The non-stick surface performs great, and it prevents sticking. It’s also quite easy to clean it due to the non-stick technology. However, always use a dry dishcloth and avoid using aggressive and serrated things like sponges because you might damage the sensitive coating layer.

You don’t have to be a professional cook to bake some of the greatest waffles you’ve ever seen. This waffle maker will perfectly bake for you, with a single press of a button. Good waffle bakers always bake evenly and in the same manner. Every time you bake some waffles, they will turn out the same as before. The consistency is the core of a quality waffle maker.

The massive amount of power output will be more than enough for you to bake some of the thickest waffles you’ve ever baked. The powerful heating units make sure that the temperature is even in every segment of the pan.

The safety

Taking precautionary security measures is crucial with every electric kitchen appliance. You need to operate this unit with caution and care because any minor mistake can lead to severe injuries and consequences.

  • Firstly, keep your children away, or don’t let them use it without your supervision. Kids often like to make breakfast and surprise their parents, and everything is fun and games until someone gets hurt or shocked. If you have children in the house, keep this waffle maker out of their reach for safety purposes.
  • Wear kitchen gloves at all times to avoid injuries and burns. Some people find kitchen gloves uncomfortable and redundant, but it’s much better to feel uncomfortable for a few moments instead of losing a finger.
  • And last but not least, keep this waffle maker away from water sources. Even a single drop of water can cause a short circuit and cause a malfunction. In fact, it can also cause an accidental fire. You can lose your whole house because of negligence, so make sure you act preventively.

The pros and cons

This maker, like every other electric product, has its upsides and downsides. We’ve isolated the most important ones to help you decide whether or not this unit has everything you need.


The first upside is this maker’s excellent ability at baking tender waffles evenly and consistently. We’ve already reviewed this feature earlier in the “Additional features and accessories” section of this article.

Another upside of this unit is that it has the rotary function. It’s a great feature, and it lets you take full control over the crispness of your waffles. Whether you like them well-made or you prefer the rawer, it doesn’t matter; you’ll fine-tune your waffles by rotating the pan. Also, the handle lock will prevent it from opening and making a mess in your kitchen.


That said, this maker does come with some flaws. First of all, it tends to get hot while in use. Although the knob remains cool, be careful with the non-stick surface. Also, it takes up quite a bit of space.

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