Aroma Housewares Digital Rice Cooker Review

Overall Rating

  • Prep and Cleanup 93%
  • Design 95%
  • Safety 98%
  • Warranty and Support 92%


– Large capacity
– Cooks other foods
– Dishwasher friendly
– Non-stick inner pot


– Unremoved top
– Retains water

This brand is a brand for a large household that consumes a lot of rice because of its 20 cup capacity! If it is the main dish as well, Aroma Digital rice cooker is definitely for you. The model is quite large, being able to fit 20 cups, it sure does sell a lot of its kind on the market. And having a digital display also helps to make this appliance perfect for use. It will sure come in handy for large parties where rice is the main dish or in general if a lot of people is to be served with rice as a side dish. Overall the rice cooker this good is surely worth the price, and it is ideal for use either for larger use like in restaurants or for household that consumes a lot of rice. This cooker has many other useful functions and performs its job well when it comes to steaming and slow cooking. For any other questions, you might have, check the details for more information about this product.

The specifications

Dimensions: 10.8 x 11.2 x 10.8 inches

Weight: 5 pounds

Rice measure: 20 cups of cooked rice

Additional features and accessories

Variety of Meals

When it comes to this cooker, its primary purpose, however, is rice, but it can cook other vegetables as well! When you buy it, it comes with a small pot for any vegetable you would like to steam or slow cook, which is a great addition. It makes sense to add another pot for other use than to prepare only rice because this appliance is bigger and therefore has enough space to cover everything one person would want to cook or make. With that much space inside the cooker, this appliance saves anyone who prepares a big meal a lot of time, and this is why most people just love this product. Sometimes size matter, and besides that, it has a lot of interesting functions as well.

Variety of Functions

Since this is a quite large appliance, it must come with desirable options for us to choose when we want to cook many things as we possibly can. And this is right. This Aroma rice cooker comes with options to steam, slow cook and automatic keep warm. Sometimes what many cooks do when it comes to vegetables is the fact that they steam it rather than just boil it because it gives the vegetables greater taste and fresher look.

This is what this cooker does as well. Option to steam-cook the food great because with this option you can do two things at once: to cook your rice in one pot that is on the bottom and to steam the vegetables on top.

This saves enough time for any cook to prepare other things such as meat or salads. When it comes to slow cooking, this rice cooker has that function as well. Slow cooking the food in this appliance is better than in any other you might have used because this rice cooker can slow cook any vegetable you put in.

Easy to Clean

Any useful appliance has to be easy to clean. Otherwise, it becomes the less desirable product to buy. It can then become more of a pain than an actual helper. A great appliance has to be an aide to a person that uses it, and this rice cooker is just it. It is bigger in size, but it is far more easy to clean because it has the inner cooking pot that is removable just because of this reason. Anyone can quickly put everything out and clean it to the pristine state either manually or in a dishwasher. Yes, this appliance is also dishwasher friendly and will ease the process of cleaning.

Non-stick Inner Pot

This rice cooker has many useful things when it comes to features, but what is probably the most useful is the inner pot that is non-stick. There is nothing worse than all your favorite food being stuck at the bottom and later be difficult to unstick from the pot. This leaves the food somewhat damaged if you want to use it for decoration. It is awful when this happens for two reasons: you can either throw away the food that is stuck, or you can eat it, but it won’t have the same taste as the other food that wasn’t stuck. Because of its almost perfect design, this cooker will leave any food looking great and tasty. When you have the non-stick properties, the food can also be used for decoration and better serving.

Easy to Use Controls

The digital display is easy enough for everyone to use and all of your cooking is just one button away. Because of its design, it was made to be used quickly and efficiently. It can be set to steam foods, and this can be adjusted from 5-30 minutes, and after that, it automatically shuts off, which prevents the food from over steaming. It even has the option like 15-hour delay, which means that in the morning you can set it to cook at a particular time of the day, and by the time you are back, the food will be prepared. This is perfect for the family that is always busy and with this appliance you won’t need any take-out food.

The pros and cons


  • It has a large capacity: up to 20 cups of rice can be cooked inside of it.
  • It also cooks other foods like vegetables and soups.
  • Manual is easy to read.
  • Functions are easy to use.
  • Steaming and slow cooking properties.
  • Easy to clean, making it also dishwasher friendly.
  • A non-stick inner pot which will not stick the food on the bottom.
  • Comes with spatula, steam tray, rice measuring cup and recipes.
  • Food comes out tasty and great looking.
  • It is not expensive.


  • Sometimes water stays on the bottom.
  • Top can’t be removed.
  • The timing of the cooking must be good, or the food won’t be ready for eating.

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